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Are you craving authentic Mexican cuisine in Prague? Should you be longing to taste the delectable spices of Mexican fare, head to Agave, the city's premier Mexican restaurant. This cutting-edge Mexican restaurant, located in the heart of the city just off of world famous Old Town Square, has a large menu featuring an array of dishes that range from classic tacos and burritos to modern dishes with a hint of rich Mexican spices (each dish is prepared with special care and above all, love). Agave's chef Christian Dolias, born and raised in Southern California has rich experience with cooking Mexican food in his hometown, as well as in Las Vegas... and now the city of Prague is lucky to have him here, cooking his famous spicy dishes that boast a dramatic culinary flare. The beautiful, elegant interior of Agave, designed by Zdeněk Sirový (of Zdenek's Oyster Bar), is simply put, lovely. With elements of dark wood, antique floor tiles, rich murals & collages, and an impressive bar (serving up tasty signature cocktails), Agave is the perfect setting for intimate dinners or family parties. Owned and operated by American Glenn Spicker of U Maleho Glena, Bohemia Bagel, and Burrito Loco fame, his Agave restaurant has brought to Prague cutting-edge Mexican cuisine – a most welcome addition to the city's ever-growing culinary scene.  

Masna 620/2, Praha 1, +420 607 057 354,  


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