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Public Chilli

Located on Ovocny trh Square in Prague’s charming Old Town is the restaurant Public Chilli. As the word “chilli” appears in its name, it would seem as though all dished served up at this establishment would be spicy. However, in traditional Vietnamese fashion, it is served as a garnish on a separate small plate and it is up to you to add it to your meal. The owner and head chef of Public Chilli, Natali Šnicerová, is a world traveler and self-taught cook who loves combining exotic flavors. The elegantly decorated restaurant is spacious and comfortable – large groups can even be accommodated. Public Chilli offers lunch specials that consist of soups and lighters meals. It is important to note that the majority of the dishes served at PC can be made vegetarian upon request. The restaurant features delectable treats including homemade kimchi, Dim Sum, beef and chicken Pho, Ramen noodles with mushrooms & a soft-boiled egg, rice bowls, Bao sandwiches, crispy, fresh salads, and so much more. The restaurant focuses mainly on Vietnamese cuisine, although there is some fusion magic happening regularly (e.g. Public Burger, Beef Carpaccio). Visit this gem of a restaurant in Prague’s Old Town today and enjoy an exotic, delicious meal – spicy or not. 

Ovocný trh 12, Praha 1, +420 776 770 292,


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