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Beas Vegetarian Dhaba

Beas Dhaba is a great option for vegetarians and vegans in Prague. Beas Dhaba has various locations throughout Prague - what a great way to eat your way around the city! Beas focuses on Northern Indian cuisine and offers dahl, sabji, basmati rice, soup, chutney, dosa, parantha, thali, chai, and fresh juices. The food is affordable and excellent, prepared from scratch daily and contains no traces of eggs, meat, or fish. The decor in all of the Beas establishments is attractive and simple; some feature original bright jungle paintings by Milos Vacik while others are dripping with lush greenery. All have a welcoming cafeteria-style setting with comfortable wooden tables and chairs. Beas is a wonderful spot for lovers of vegetables and their meat eating, adventurous friends as the food is zesty, tasty, and healthy. Beas Dhaba has 17 restaurants in Prague and its surroundings - see it's user-friendly website for further information. 




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