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Planet Sushi

Planet Sushi, part of a large chain of about 50 restaurants in Central and Eastern Europe, have also expanded to Prague, in the bustling Anděl district close to the popular shopping center Nový Smíchov. You can look forward to yummy sushi specialties served in a comfortable interior that combines traditional Japanese and modern design and nice staff dressed in traditional kimonos. The restaurant aims to accommodate all tastes and budgets, from a younger sushi eating generation who may not be able to normally afford expensive sushi, to experienced sushi eaters who know exactly what they want. Planet Sushi serves a large variety of Maki/Nigiri rolls, Tataki, design rolls including rolls made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a variety of Sashimi, Thai and Japanese soups, hot dishes including noodles, and scrumptious desserts, such as the light Japanese ice-cream with green tea. Vegetarian dishes are also on the menu. Planet Sushi is a sound choice for great sushi at affordable prices served in a pleasant atmosphere in Prague.

Nádražní 110, Praha 5, +420 257 286 265,



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