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Ristorante Pizza Nuova

Authentic Italian pizza in Prague? Oh yes, it can be found... just make your way to the fantastic Ristorante Pizza Nuova (part of the Ambiente group), for a delicious pizza that tastes like an authentic one from a stone oven in Naples. Pizza Nuova is renowned for its authentic Neapolitan pizza and homemade pasta with an emphasis placed on quality fresh ingredients and honest work. Pizza Nuova uses ingredients imported from Italy (tasty tomatoes from Naples, fresh mozzarella from Campania and the best parmesan from Parma) and you can definitely taste the difference when you bite into an Ambiente Pizza, it sure isn't a Czech-Italian style pizza! Ambiente Pizza Nuova takes great pride in their pizzas, making them the old fashioned way according to the hand rolled guarded tradition of pizza makers in Napoli. The variety of pastas offered at Ambiente Ristorante Nuova are fresh and mouthwatering and made from the finest Italian ingredients including Caputo, Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses, carefully selected extra virgin olive oil, San Marzano DOP sun-ripened tomatoes and much more. The food at Ambiente is proudly prepared by hand and made with love.

Revoluční 1/655, Praha 1, +420 221 803 308,


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