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Malostranská Beseda – Café and Pilsner Urquell Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of the Malostranská Beseda are two fine establishments, the Malostranská Beseda Pilsner Urquell Restaurant and the Malostranská Beseda Café, while the basement level features a cozy pub with brick walls and wooden benches at the tables and large-screen TVs playing the hottest sports games, making it a perfect place to meet with friends for a beer and some snacks, or it can be rented out for private events. Malostranská Beseda, an important historic cultural center, has been meticulously and sensitively renovated with the old concept of the building in mind and the developers of this new culture house have definitely captured the spirit and atmosphere of the original. The Malostranská Beseda restaurant, based on the Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant concept (PUOR) is an excellent option whether you are headed just to taste some famous Czech beer and have some bar food with it or whether you desire a full-fledged lunch or dinner. It is no surprise that a restaurant in a building so tangled in Czech history offers traditional Czech specialties (such as a half or quarter of a young duck or a leg of St. Martin's goose), however the cooking team led by chef Petr Řepásek also offers international cuisine (such as the grilled beef sirloin with roasted root vegetables and cheese gnocchi), fresh fish, cheese plates, vegetarian meals (make sure you try the homemade thick noodles with a creamy sauce made with spinach leaves), light meals and delicious desserts (we recommend the traditional Czech hot apple strudel made with puff pastry and served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce). All of these culinary options are simply delicious, which is no coincidence since the restaurant relies on homemade ingredients including original spice mixes. The delicious food can be accompanied by a chilled Pilsner Urquell beer that is poured to you not from regular kegs but rather from special beer tanks which ensure the best quality and the pure taste of draught beer. The interior is simply beautiful and features dark wood, a large brass beer vat, old photographs and more. The friendly service, delicious food and gorgeous interior will have you returning for more at this authentic culture house. The restaurant also offers an affordable lunch menu. The Malostranská Beseda café is attractive and intimate with small round tables, a dark wood bar, palm plants, large windows and more. It offers a breakfast menu, an extensive variety of desserts, snacks, warm drinks, wines and liquors as well as chosen meals from the restaurant's lunch menu. The cafe offers free Wi-Fi Internet connection and a laptop can be borrowed for a fee. Outdoor seating under an attractive arcade is available for both establishments. The second level of Malostranská Beseda features the Music and Theater Club, a perfect place to enjoy some quality live entertainment after a mouthwatering meal. Culinary services at Malostranská Beseda are provided by the Vyšehrad 2000 Group which also provides catering services for social events taking place in the building.

Malostranské Náměstí 21, Praha 1, +420 257 409 112,


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