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Maly Buddha

Located in Hradcany, close to the magnificent Prague Castle, this Southeast Asian restaurant is a wonderful exotic secret. Upon entering you will feel miles away from Prague due to the candle-lit atmosphere featuring a colorful shrine to Buddha, soft melodic music, hanging lanterns, Rattan furniture, traditional fishing traps adorning the walls and a giant Buddha painted on the walls. With an efficient friendly staff, you will feel comfortable and cozy in this warm establishment. The extensive menu features vegetarian specialties, as well as many meat dishes. Another treat here is the drink menu, with various green, black and fruit teas (the black rose tea is perfect), healing wines, exotic juices (the coconut juice with chunks of coconut is sweet, hydrating and tasty), wine and beer, you will be spoiled for choice. For a starter, go with the steamed vegetable spring rolls served with cabbage salad, wonderful, fresh and authentic. For the main entree I would suggest the Vietnamese specialty featuring chicken with glass noodles and vegetables seasoned with chunks of ginger, it is delectable with hints of subtle seasoning. The food is served steaming hot by the attentive staff. This is a perfect exotic escape from Prague, right in your own backyard.

Uvoz 46, Hradcany Praha 1, +420 220 513 894,


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