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Taverna Olympos

Located a bit off the tourist map, Taverna Olympos is the best place for authentic Greek food in the beautiful city of Prague. Taverna Olympos is as authentic as authentic can get in central Europe; remember, the restaurant does not have access to all of the fresh scrumptious ingredients they make up the Greek kitchen. Keeping that in mind, Taverna Olympos does a fine job at preparing their delicious Greek specialties. For most, the starters are the true winners here, so if you are feeling like a meal of tapas, this is a grand place to go. The pita bread is served hot, it is light, fluffy and sprinkled with herbs, straight from the oven and wonderful. The tzatziki, served with bits of cucumbers is tasty, as are the stuffed fried peppers, filled with heavenly soft feta cheese, and the fried breaded eggplant. The mixed suvlaki with chicken, pork and veal is our vote for the best main course. Taverna Olympos, like any good authentic Greek restaurant, serves fresh fish as well. The extensive 45 page menu may set your mind boggling, but the friendly and welcoming staff will be happy to assist you with your food and wine choice. The interior of Taverna Olympos is typical of most Greek restaurants with colorful wall paintings of the Parthenon and the beloved Greek Isles. Taverna Olympos features a winter garden, and during the summer months offers comfy seats under leafy trees and an outside play corner for children.

Kubelikova 9, Prague 3, +420 222 722 239,



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