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Cafe Louvre

This grand Art Nouveau establishment has greeted many distinguished figures, Kafka and Einstein among a few. The grand staircase will lead you to the first floor where you will be stunned by the impressive interior with its dominant salmon color, abundance of open space, large windows and classic setting. Cafe Louvre was closed during the Communist regime as it was perceived as too decadent and free spirited. It reopened after the Velvet Revolution with the same flair and spirit and was quickly embraced by both the locals and visitors alike. The standard menu includes hot meals, salads and sandwiches, delectable pastries, a variety of chocolate desserts, and more. In the spirit of traditional coffeehouses you have a variety of newspapers at your disposal as well as social games like chess and pool. This cafe can host private parties for up to 150 people. This household name among Prague cafes deserves two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Národní 22, Praha 1, +420 224 930 949,


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