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Angelato serves authentic Italian gelato bursting with a velvety texture and an angelic taste that will surely satisfy and delight. With a wide variety of inventive and delicious flavors that range from classic to exotic and a thorough dedication to quality production using only the highest-quality ingredients, Angelato has been rightly labeled as the best ice cream establishment in Prague! The company will not tell you their secret recipe for the best tasting gelato in Prague, however, they will tell you that each flavor is made with love, quality, professionalism and imagination and that the most important ingredient is happiness. Having said all this, you can only expect the most euphoric experience with Angelato ice cream! The cozy setting of Angelato café makes for a perfect place to enjoy the sweeter things in life with your friends, family and loved ones. Angelato offers a wide range of flavors, including a wide range of seasonal delights, and these are our favorites: Chocolate with Cinnamon, Chili Chocolate, Sour Cherry, Poppy Seeds, Mozart (chocolate with marzipan, almonds and pistachio cream) and Coconut, but of course, all of the tempting flavors are delicious! Angelato also serves mouthwatering fruit sorbets, and a range of coffee drinks. Enjoy your treats outside during the summer months or in the cozy cafe all year round. The ice cream is served in 90-gram scoops; if you wish to enjoy Angelato at home you can purchase the ice cream in thermal boxes ranging in size from 0.5 liters, 1 liter or 1.24 liters. Enjoy the finer things in life with Angelato, more than ice cream!

Rytířská 27, Praha 1, +420 224 235 123. Újezd 24, Praha 1, +420 777 787 344, +420 257 224 395,


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