Moment Bistro & Cafe

Located in Vinohrady is Moment Bistro & Cafe, a popular vegan establishment that is full of health and happiness. Offering cruelty-free vegan food for lovers of veggies and fresh healthy food in a hip urban environment (bonus points: there is always good music playing, and there is a children's corner in the back of the bistro), Moment Bistro & Cafe seems to belong in a larger city, somewhere like Berlin perhaps. Moment offers daily specials that are advertised on Facebook and on their blog; these special dishes include such winners as Ethiopian lentil soup, tofu and veggies in a peanut sauce, cashew nut soup, creamy celeriac soup with potatoes and almonds, and mushroom goulash with polenta-leek dumplings. The offer is different each day, ensuring that you will want to return time and time again. Dessert lovers can rejoice in the gluten-free cakes, cupcakes and pastries. We highly recommend the ginger carrot cake – it's to die for! Pop into Moment Bistro & Cafe today and feed your healthy lifestyle!  

Slezská 62, Praha 2, +420 775 431 440, 

Address: Slezská 62, Praha 2

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