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Step back in time to the glamorous 1930s of New York or Paris evoked in Tretter's Bar! Bring your fedora and pompadour hairstyle if you are in the mood to be part of the atmosphere as you will definitely complement the dark red and dark wood interior that is complete with elegant tables, period photographs, and to top it all off, classy award-winning cocktails. Connoisseurs of cocktails will surely be in heaven here as the bar offers over 200 tasty concoctions, all of which are created by expertly trained bartenders. The New Yorker Cocktail with bourbon, grenadine and lime juice will surely carry you far and away to a swanky Manhattan of yore; we heartily recommend it. The bar also features regular mixology lessons, where you can learn to mix a mean professional level cocktail yourself. Not exactly a tourist hangout, Tretter's pulls in the local crowd of fashionistas, film students, business men and women, and even models. 

V Kolkovně 3, Praha 1, +420 224 811 165,


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