Cash Only Bar

Located on an atmospheric Old Town cobblestone lane in the heart of historic Prague, Cash Only Bar is one of the most popular nighttime venues in the city. This charming intimate cocktail bar offers up a good selection of innovative mixed drinks – you'll find some really interesting modern takes on classic cocktails at Cash Only Bar. The non-smoking, cash only venue employs experienced passionate bartenders who love perfectly mixing mouthwatering concoctions for their clientele to enjoy. Not only are the bartenders at Cash Only supremely good at their job, they are also very friendly and ready to assist in your cocktail selection or to simply give you advice regarding other establishments to visit in the City of One Hundred Spires. Inside Cash Only you will find laid-back, blissed out (due to the delicious drinks) visitors in a cozy dark atmospheric setting – let the good vibes of this cool bar take control of your night. At Cash Only you can enjoy great indie/rock music that is always set to the right volume so you can still converse with your date/friends. And should you need a nourishment to keep you from getting too drunk, Cash Only Bar offers great hot dogs. With a welcoming interior, delicious drinks, good hot dogs and much more, it's not wonder that Cash Only Bar has captured the hearts of both locals and tourists alike.

Liliová 218/3, Praha 1, +420 778 087 117, 

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Address: LILIOVÁ 218/3, Praha 1

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