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The PUB - Pilsner Unique Bar

The PUB is a cool place to drink fresh unpasteurized beer from individual table taps that you get to operate yourself! The lively atmosphere, unpasteurized beer, delicious food, comfortable seats and decent prices will not disappoint. In fact you may end up drinking the night away with your friends, as it is indeed dangerous to be the pourer of your own drinking fate and since there will not be a line for service at the bar, watch out. This is a good place to go out for the night and enjoy the city of Prague and its world famous beer. The Pub also serves typical Czech fare at affordable prices (including a lunch menu) to go along with the thirst-quenching beer.The large format screens show Beer Games that depict the litres consumed at each table in the given enterprise, as well as in other restaurants of the chain. The guests at The PUB can compare their beer consumption with other tables in the given restaurant, as well as with tables in The PUB enterprises in other cities of the Czech Republic and Europe. The PUB-Pilsner Unique Bar also features a PUB Club membership, which gives you a number of benefits – 10th lunch for free, rewards for collected litres in the Collect Litres! Program and discounted beer price in the Beer Credit Card program. The PUB can be found in 5 locations in Prague!

Veleslavínova 3, Praha 1, +420 222 312 296. Hálkova 6, Praha 2, +420 222 940 414. Nádražní 7, Praha 5, +420 257 220 304, Čs. armády 22, Praha 6 +420 223 019 077. Křižíkova 28, Praha 8, +420 222 286 013.


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