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Kolkovna V Kolkovně

Thirsty for a delicious pint of Pilsner? Skip all those tourist-oriented restaurants and bars that line Old Town Square and head over to Kolkovna V Kolkovně. This award-winning restaurant and pub (labeled “The Best Pub” by Prague 1 City Hall, etc.) is located in a beautifully renovated building in a space that used to house a printing studio. The interior of the restaurant successfully evokes an old-world atmosphere, which is underlined by the beautifully restored original brewery equipment, the antique advertising posters, and old photographs. Kolkovna’s star is its fresh beer featured on tap; besides Pilsner Urquell you can also have half-dark Master beer or alcohol-free Radegast Birell. If you are not a beer lover, the drink menu at Kolkovna is extensive and varied, ranging from many kinds of coffee and light drinks to cocktails and a selection of quality wines from all over the world. Kolkovna also serves up traditional pub snacks that go perfectly with beer; enjoy Czech specialties such as a pickled sausage, pork collar, homemade smoked meat from a local smoke house, and much more. However, Kolkovna offers more than just snacks to go with your beer. The food menu is just as extensive as the drink menu with emphasis on traditional Czech specialties with contemporary interpretations, complemented by a few Italian and international dishes. It’s also worth mentioning that you can pre-order a roast goose, duck, turkey, piglet or lamb to enjoy with your friends and family. Kolkovna V Kolkovně belongs to a chain of restaurants run by the Kolkovna Group Company; the company operates a handful of other restaurants (please see their user-friendly website for further info) that are modeled after this Czech culinary gem. Kolkovna V Kolkovně is a great choice for a night out and more.

V Kolkovně 910/8, Praha 1, +420 224 819 700, www.kolkovna.cz


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