U Kalicha | Prague Restaurant

U Kalicha Original Svejk Pub

A Mecca for tourists, U Kalicha has all the essential features of a traditional Czech pub: meat, dumplings, beer and more beer. This popular restaurant has stood on the same spot for over a hundred years and the interior was refurbished sometime in the thirties. The main dining space can seat several hundred guests and the walls are adorned with large cartoon depictions of the literary character Good Soldier Svejk and quotes from Jaroslav Hasek's book of the same name. Throughout the years, visitors have added their own personal comments and signatures. Somewhere among the hoards of signatures is Vaclav Havel's, the admired former Czech president. There are also photos of famous guests, such as Lionel Jospin and Jacques Chirac, who visited not so long ago. The menu, in 24 different languages, offers generous portions of hearty traditional Czech food. Nothing beats the roast duck or goose served with dumplings and pickled cabbage, best enjoyed washed down with a one liter glass of tasty local beer.

 Na Bojisti 14, Prague 2, +420 224 912 557, www.ukalicha.cz


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