Cafe 80s | Prague Nightlife | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Rubik's Cube Stools | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s | Typical Outfit | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s | Prague Club | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s | Prague by Night
E.T. Decor | Cafe 80s | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s | Restaurant Section | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s Interior | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s Chef | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s Exterior | Photo by Petr Marhoul
Cafe 80s | Logo

Cafe 80s

Does an 80s-inspired cafe and dance club sound like a perfect night out on the town to you? If so then head on over to Cafe 80s, where a good time will be had by all! Located in Prague's Old Town, Cafe 80s is a fun place to spend your time reminiscing about the 80s culture of the West. Welcome to the days of MTV, acid jeans, fluorescent leg warmers, Polaroids, Walkman, eight-tracks, and more – that's Cafe 80s! The ground floor of the Cafe 80s features a spacious restaurant and cafe, decorated of course in an 80s theme (we love the Rubik's Cube stools and the E.T. Wall decor), where you can dine not only in the evening before hitting the dance floor, but also for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant offers hearty breakfast dishes, typical Czech appetizers, open-faced sandwiches, salads, and more, with their specialty being 15 different types of tartare. The lower level is where the magic happens – the Cafe 80s dance club features a great sound system, a dance floor with light up cubes, a bar, and a VIP lounge. Cafe 80s employs a great line up of DJs that play the greatest hits of your favorite decade – can't you just imagine getting down on the colorful lit up dance floor? Cafe 80s – the first of its kind in Prague, and just what the city has been missing. If you feel like reminiscing and heading down memory lane with some feel good hits of the 80s, or if you simply wish to discover something about a different era in which you didn't grow up, head to Cafe 80s tonight and dance the night away!  

V Kolkovně 6, Praha 1, +420 725 991 924, 


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