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Located in the industrial area of Holesovice, Mecca is a popular dance club situated in a large converted factory. Mecca attracts top DJs from all over the world, focusing on House music and its varieties. Since opening Mecca has hosted such names as Armand van Helden, Bob Sinclair, Copyright, David Morales, Deep Dish and Markus Schulz. All of Mecca's DJs are ready to play hip dance music into the wee hours of the morning for all your party needs. Mecca is the place to see and be seen, as the majority of the guests seem to be supermodels that happen to be dressed to kill or at least to make an impression. The space in Mecca is a clubber’s dream; the club features a large sleek black room with a massive bar, stylish glittering chandeliers and long white leather sofas and since it is located in Holesovice in a converted warehouse there are no rules concerning the noise level of the music and no police hour. So get ready to dance well into the morning, which is feasible, as DJs often do not start until after midnight. This is the perfect place for a night owl who loves to dance. What's more, when you take a cab home, the environment will make you feel as if you are in the East end of New York City rather than in historic Prague.

U Průhonu 3, Praha 7, +420 734 155 300,


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