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Chapeau Rouge | Prague Nightlife
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Chapeau Rouge

In the popular Chapeau Rouge club / bar, open since 1919, you will find a variety of rooms and levels to match your variety of moods. Chapeau Rouge has in fact, three floors, four bars, and three stages. Depending on what you seek, Prague's renowned Chapeau Rouge will definitely satisfy. If you happen to be heading to the Chapeau for a live show, then you will most definitely not be disappointed. The Live Underground venue is intimate and small, with great sound, tasty mouthwatering beer, and friendly staff members / sound technicians (perfect should you need to be in a band). Chapeau Rouge, located in the very lively center of Prague 1, draws alternative independent bands from all around the world. Furthermore the Chapeau club is a popular laid-back hangout for the expat community, as expat bands tend to play there quite frequently. The interior was recently renovated and features a new sound system, interior design and lighting. Chapeau Rouge is a great place to see a music gig - plus it's usually approx. 100kc for several bands, great value for money and entertainment there.  And if you are still feeling active after the gig, you can always continue upstairs and dance to hip-hop in the Chapeau Rouge dance club. Visit Chapeau Rouge tonight and experience a fun night to remember. 

Jakubská 2, Praha 1,+420 222 316 328,


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