Le Clan

Le Clan, the private club for good people in Prague. This is the first thing you will read if you open Le Clan’s website. And that describes exactly what Le Clan is all about. Having been around the club scene for many years Le Clan has gained respect among the party-going community for its cool afterparties at which you can continue to have fun until the morning (or afternoon if you wish) all the while conversing with open-minded, friendly and funny people. So Le Clan is more than just a bar that opens while the others close; it is a place where you can go and be yourself; let loose and have fun. Le Clan also operates theme nights in the club such as Decadence, where you can go dressed in leather, or as you wish, or in just what God gave you if you prefer! Le Clan is the perfect hangout for the late-night and open-minded crowd.

 Balbínova 23, Praha 2, www.leclan.cz

Address: Balbínova 23, Prague 2

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