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Karlovy Lázně

Boasting perhaps the best location in Prague, as it is right next to Charles Bridge, is the Karlovy Lázně nightclub. This fun club consists of 5 floors where you will find different beats and songs to dance to, ranging from dance/trance, oldies, pop and more plus several hidden nooks and crannies; the club is the self-proclaimed ‘largest club in Central Europe’. The building itself dates back to the 14th century and the interior resembles an old factory. The variety of music on each floor provides a little bit of something for everyone. The ground floor (Music Café) pumps out hip hop, the second floor (Discotheque) is where you will find the latest dance hits, the third floor (Kaleidoscope) focuses on lovable hits from the 60s-80s, the forth floor (Paradog) features dance music including House, Trance and Techno, while the top floor (Chill Out) is where you can relax with ambient tunes. On the Karlovy Lázně premises, you will now also find the Ice Pub, a bar entirely of ice, including ice-made drinks glasses and a bar fully made of carved ice, and providing stylish coats and hats to ensure a good time without patrons freezing during their 30-minute timeslot in the -7 degree bar offering 3 types of vodka cocktails and Heineken Extra Cold beer. Karlovy Lázně draws in a mixed crowd including tourists, locals, and international students. Drink prices are reasonable as is the entrance charge, which makes Karlovy Lázně a top choice for a fun nightclub in Prague.

Smetanovo Nábřeží 198, Praha 1, +420 222 220 502, www.karlovylazne.cz




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