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The experimental venue Roxy has literally attained a cult status with locals, tourists, musicians and other performers. Roxy draws in major DJs from all over the world and so if you are at least a little bit into the current dance music, go to Roxy on Friday or Saturday night at best and dance on the splendidly lit dance floor in the rhythm of quality dance music accompanied by video projections. Roxy specializes in progressive music like Drum ‘n’ Bass and Jungle. Club Roxy is famed for its dance parties attended regularly not only by representatives of the Czech club scene, but also guests from all over the world. Nights like Zen, Bush or Human Traffix have become legendary on the Czech club scene and they regularly win in Czech Dance Awards. Also concerts are held in Roxy and for example on Free Mondays new and interesting Czech bands have the opportunity to show what they can do in the field of music. Besides the spacious club with two bars you can also find the experimental theatre space NoD, a gallery that often features avant-garde art exhibitions, and an internet café overlooking the Dlouhá street in Roxy.

After the Communist regime collapsed, the building was left in a derelict state and was on the verge of being demolished; the buildings history interested a group of enthusiasts led by architect Jan Mayer, who wished to preserve the spirit and culture of the location. They gave the city of Prague what it needed, a place for lovers of all music, art and culture a place to congregate and experience it together. Roxy was damaged heavily during the massive flooding of 2002, but was quickly renovated with help from fans, volunteers, Roxy’s staff and the city council.

The legendary venue of Roxy, whose tradition exceeds 17 years, can be also rented for various social events, including catering, promotion and personnel services.

Dlouhá 33, Praha 1, +420 224 826 296,


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