Aureole Bar

Only one bar can boast of taking first place as the highest located bar in the Czech Republic – it is the Prague Aureole Bar in Pankrác, which you should definitely not miss if you want to have Prague laid out at your feet while enjoying delicious cocktails and excellent service. Aureole Bar offers beautiful views overlooking the entire city of Prague not only from its summer terrace, but also from its glassed-in interior decorated with leather sofas, unique pictures hanging on the walls and an abundance of beautifully exotic orchids – it was not without good reason that Aureole Bar ranked in Maurer's Grand Bar 2013 as the Bar with the Best Interior. There is always a pleasant atmosphere in the bar thanks to the always-professional and helpful staff. You can order cocktails prepared according to the latest trends, as local bartenders believe firmly in offering only the best to their guests. Even if you order a well-known cocktail, you can be sure that the creative Aureole bar staff will add a new and exciting dimension. If you are attacked by hunger in the late evening hours, you will be sure to find something delicious on the menu at the Aureole Restaurant, which offers fusion meals prepared under local chef Jiří Král. If you expect something more than just excellent drinks out of your next visit to a Prague bar, then the Aureole Bar is the right place for you.

Hvězdova 2b, Praha 4, +420 222 755 380,

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Address: Hvězdova 2b, Praha 4

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