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With two locations in Prague, on the Smetanovo nábřeží embankment and Americká Street in Vinohrady, the Prague Beer Museum Pub's claim to fame is their unique selection of Czech microbrews. At this bar you will find 30 different brews on tap to choose from. At first the large amount of different beers might overwhelm you, but do not fret, for the Prague Beer Museum Pub has taken the time to create a large menu where you can read detailed descriptions of all the different beers on tap from some of the Czech Republic's best microbreweries. At the Prague Beer Museum you can try unique thirst quenching beers from small breweries throughout the Czech Republic or sip on surprisingly good beer cocktails; make no mistake, this professional beer pub has it all. The walls are decorated with old photographs of breweries, beer memorabilia and posters with beer facts on them; this is definitely a hotspot for lovers of beer or those wishing to learn more about the local culture of the Czech Republic. The Prague Beer Museum Pub offers non-alcoholic drinks, pub snacks to go along with beer such as pickled Hermelín and nachos, light meals and more. Cheers!

Americká 43, Praha 2, +420 775 994 698, Smetanovo nábřeží 22, Praha 1, +420 732 330 912 ,


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