The popular VELTLIN Wine Bar in Prague's Karlín district is the first wine bar and online shop with authentic natural wines in the Czech Republic. The offer of VELTLIN Wine Bar specializes in authentic natural wines from the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy, characterized by their uniquely authentic taste earned by growing the vines on vineyards not treated with systematic chemical spraying and with no added yeasts. These are traditionally-produced wines, making them exceptionally rare today. The vintners are small and middle-sized winemakers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy, with whom VELTLIN owner Bogdan Trojak is in regular contact, constantly ensuring the highest quality. The selection of Moravian wines focuses on winemakers unified through the“Authentic Winemakers“ (Autentisté) group, who all share the same regional membership and an interest in old winemaking traditions and the production of authentic wines. You can taste wines produced by all of these winemakers in the pleasant and simple interior of the wine bar or if you prefer to drink a glass or two at home, simply order them online at the VELTLIN e-shop. However, you should not miss stopping by the VELTLIN Wine Bar, as here  you will find something that is unfortunately still not a matter-of-course in the Czech Republic, namely the excellent and friendly staff, who will give you knowledgeable advice regarding your selection of wine. The excellence of the wine and the high-standard set by the staff creates the amazing atmosphere that pervades the bar, ready to welcome you whenever you stop by. 

Křižíkova 488/115, Praha 8, +420 721 853 482, 

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Address: Křižíkova 488/115, Praha 8

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