Újezd Wine Cellar

Located in the historic Lesser Town of Prague and situated in the same building as Popo Cafe Petl is the attractive Ujezd Wine Cellar. This wine establishment is in a beautifully renovated cellar that features an amazing 300 m2 of space and is complete with an elegant décor and furnishings including photographs, paintings and woodcuts. The multi functional wine cellar is available for private parties as well as wine tasting events with gastronomy, theme nights, openings, musical evenings, press conferences, gallery activities and much more. The main focus is of course on the grapevine and its offerings represented at Uzejd Wine Cellar by French, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, Czech and Moravian wines. Every Thursday evening is dedicated to a wine tasting event at the cellar in which winemakers visit from all over the world and a pleasant and colorful time is had by all. The winemakers of Moravia and Czech lands are of course represented as well.

Újezd 19, Praha 1, +420 257 317 410, www.vinnyujezd.cz 

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Address: Újezd 19, Praha 1

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