Bacco Wine Bar

Located in the bustling New Town area of I.P. Pavlova is Bacco Wine Bar. Step inside this wine bar and you will be transported to the elegant inside of a grand Renaissance villa outside of Firenze, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Bacco Wine Bar features lovely frescos and colorful paintings, small intimate tables, a small bar area and have course, a splendid selection of wine! Bacco specializes in vintage bottles from the Czech Republic, Macedonia and Italy. What better place to sample the drink of the Gods than a Renaissance stylized interior? The quiet and intimate setting will surely have you returning for more. Bacco Wine Bar also offers delicious cheese and sausage plates to accompany your wine. This elegant wine bar is a must for lovers of wine!

Bělehradská 28, Praha 2, +420 723 179 242, 

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Address: Bělehradská 28, Praha 2

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