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Cheesy shops in Prague bring you the charming atmosphere of a traditional Dutch cheese store as well as a wide selection of reasonably priced delicious cheeses. The beginnings of the Cheesy company reach back to 2006 when it started importing cheese from the Dutch family cheese producer Veendaler Kaas and from the cheese business of Kaashandel J. Van Beek. The first Cheesy shop was opened in the area of Letna. Nowadays there are a multitude of Cheesy Original and Cheesy Franchizy shops throughout Prague and many other Czech cities, as well as an excellent and convenient e-shop, all of which offer first-class imported cheeses from around the world, as well as locally-made delights. While the main focus of Cheesy is still on Dutch cheese (including a selection of low-fat cheeses), their offer now includes a broad range of cheeses of various types from France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, and a variety of cheeses from small-scale producers in the Czech Republic (including organic products), as well as cheese-cutting and serving tools and accessories, a selection of exclusive Moravian, French, Italian and Chilean wines, unique Belgian monastery-brewed fruit and wheat beers, organic olive oils and olives, and other Mediterranean products. The Cheesy stores are a true haven for any cheese lover! See the Cheesy website for a full list of locations in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic.

Jugoslávská 23, Praha 2, +420 733 718 289. Slavíkova 3, Praha 2, +420 774 949 316. Podolská 33, Praha 4, +420 606 823 500. Štefánikova 25, Praha 5, +420 731 200 823. Letenské Nám. 6, Praha 7, +420 733 718 289.


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