Vyšehrad Train Station | Prague Architecture
Vyšehrad Train Station | Art Nouveau Architecture in Prague
Vyšehrad Train Station | Architecture in Prague
Vyšehrad Train Station | Art Nouveau in Prague

Vyšehrad Train Station

Located in a whimsical part of Prague that many tourists do not venture to, is the abandoned Vyšehrad Train Station. This Art Nouveau gem sits quietly in her old grandeur, a crumbling boarded up beauty laden with grafiti just waiting (like many other gorgeous structures in the city of Prague) for a new facelift. The neighborhood is beautiful as well as it is surrounded by the Cubist homes of Vyšehrad such as the Kovarovic Villa, the ancient Vyšehrad fortress, the fabled Vltava River and the Charles University Botanic Gardens. Only time will tell the fate of this beautiful Art Nouveau structure. Hopefully in due time it will indeed receive the costly renovation it needs. As it is no longer in use as a train station it could more than likely be used for a social complex with cafes, kiosks and gallery space.  

Svobodova 2, Praha 2, Vyšehrad.


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