Legio Bank Building

Located on bustling Na poříčí Street leading to the business area of Florence is the Legio Bank Building, a prime example of Rondocubism in Prague. The Legio Bank is a must see for lovers of architecture. Designed by Josef Gočár and built in 1921 – 1923, the building was an excellent example of Czech nationalism at the time. The impressive building features a façade designed by famous Czech Cubist sculptor Otto Gutfreund, the first Cubist sculptor in the world; the façade depicts the Czech foreign legion and its battles in Siberia during WWI. The complete Rondocubist building features gorgeous wooden doors, intricate iron railings and decorative scrollwork, parquet flooring, wall paintings, marble elements and a lovely domed second floor hall.

 Na poříčí 24, Praha 1.

Address: Na poříčí 24, Praha 1

In the Neighborhood

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