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Muller Villa

Adolf Loos was one of the most influential architects of European Modern architecture and his Muller Villa is pure evidence of his genius. The famous Muller Villa, located in the leafy area of Stresovice known as Beverly Hills of Prague, was designed for Mr. Frantisek Muller and his wife Milada Muller. The couple lived in the house for 18 peaceful years until the Communists took over in 1948. In 1968 the villa housed the headquarters for the Czechoslovak Republic. After such a colorful history the architectural gem was returned to Eva Maternova, daughter of the original owners. She, in turn, sold it to the city of Prague and the villa was put in the proper hands of museum officials. It was restored to its former glory in 1998 and opened as a museum in 2000. The Muller Villa is the materialization of the ideas of economy and utility as seen by the architect. The capacious design, known as Raumplan, is manifested in the multilevel sections of individual rooms, evidence of their function and symbolism. The Raumplan design continues in the exterior as well, apparent in the white, cubic facade. The Muller Villa is open for private tours only.

Photos: Dolce Vita

City of Prague Museum Muller Villa: Nad Hradnim Vodojemem 14, Praha 6, +420-224-312-012,


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