Cukr Kava Limonada

This cafe is as interesting as its name (Sugar, Coffee, Lemonade). Nestled in the Baroque Lesser Town, this establishment is an ideal place to wind down after sightseeing, meet with friends, or grab a bite to eat on your lunch break. It has a very warm and inviting atmosphere with wooden elements such as the painted wooden ceiling and wooden floors. The interior is a pleasant blend of the traditional with contemporary elements added in, such as modern furniture pieces and wall decorations. The staff is equally pleasant and very attentive. Although light snacks and sandwiches are available, coffee is the biggest star on the menu. Whether you decide to try a simple espresso or a more elaborate coffee drink, you will be more than satisfied. A wine bar and patisserie are also onsite, and are well-deserving of your time. Cukr Kava Limonada is one of the best kept secrets in Lesser Town.

Lázeňská 7, Praha 1, +420 257 225 396,

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Address: Lázeňská 7, Praha 1

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