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K2 Kindergarten | Children

K2 Kindergarten

K2 kindergarten, a part of the Klub K2 Family Center in Zahradní Město, is located at the edge of the Hostivař Forest. It is a kindergarten with an integrated forest program, which means that children are brought up in close contact with nature. Children spend regularly one or two mornings in the Hostivař Forest which is within a stone's throw from the kindergarten, no matter the weather. They get to know new things here and learn to think creatively. Optionally, children can take part in English classes that take place three mornings a week. The kindergarten is located in a family house with a small garden and the atmosphere is very safe and cozy. The emphasis at K2 is put on partner communication with children and children are respected as equals to adults. Children's opinions, wishes and emotions are respected and children set rules among themselves that they want to respect.

K Horkám 40, Praha 10, +420 775 709 440, www.klubk2.cz


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