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Čiperka Preschool

Located in Prague 12 – Modřany is the private Čiperka preschool for children 12 months – 2 years old. At the Čiperka preschool children come into contact naturally with both the Czech and English languages through stories read aloud to them, naming objects, games, communicating with each other, and overhearing conversations. The goal of Čiperka preschool is to provide children a wide range of options in order to obtain information and experiences that will facilitate the transition to first grade. The daily program used by Čiperka preschool is the education program “Step by Step”; with this program and a variety of teaching methods that also includes alternative pedagogical trends, each and every child will feel their needs met, which is important as with children individual approach is always key. A typical day in the life at Čiperka preschool includes a range of activities that aid in the development of children in the physical, linguistic, musical, artistic, and intellectual realms. The interior of the school is both comfortable and stimulating and features different environments that provide special settings – the Sea Classroom (decorated with a nautical marine life theme and featuring a built-in boat play area), the Forest Classroom (invigorating and natural, the Forest Classroom has lovely trees on the wall and an abundance of the fresh creative color of green), and the main classroom on the ground floor; the nursery, or preschool is complemented by a grassy garden area with a small grove where your child can play, explore, and gain knowledge, respect and love for all living things. The daily hours of operation are from 7:00 – 17:00, during which your child can enjoy a half day or full day program under the guidance of experienced, professional teachers who truly love working with children and education. Furthermore if you would like your child to take part in a bilingual program after he or she is 2 and a half, Čiperka offers such a program. Please check Čiperka's website listed below for further information.  

K otočce 779/27a, Praha 12, School Director - Mgr. Hana Dostálová: +420 725 597 526, https://www.profamily.cz


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