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Located in the tranquil residential neighborhood of Strašnice is KinderGarten. Should you be searching for a reputable preschool to send your child, this is it. With a network of schools throughout Prague that were established in 2005, the KinderGarten preschools prepare their students with top language and educational skills – in order to assist them in the following years at primary school. This specific branch focuses on teaching preschool language education and the development of skills and abilities. Children at KinderGarten learn reading, writing and spelling not only through games, stories, art, and songs, but also with the unique, phonics-based Letterland system. The Letterland system, which uses characters and actions to teach phonics, is supported by scientific research and is also in line with research on memory and the way we learn. The professional teachers at Kindergarten are highly qualified and can accommodate children from 18 months to 7 years old; all nationalities are welcome. At Kindergarten the classrooms are headed by a Czech teach together with a native English-speaking teacher – this combination is beneficial to your child, as they will naturally absorb both languages in this friendly environment. Each classroom is equipped with educational floors, interactive boards, and more. An individual approach is taken at KinderGarten, ensuring that each and every child will be well taken care of. The preschool focuses not only on intellectual skills but also on creative skills; at KinderGarten your child will have the opportunity to partake in drama classes, art, yoga, music, gardening and much more. For further information regarding meal options, school facilities, summer programs, and more, please visit the user-friendly website of KinderGarten, which you will find listed below.

Na Třebešíně 3374/39b, Praha 10, +420 601 227 800,


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