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EkoŠkolka Vidoule

If you are searching for a preschool with a difference, look no further than Prague's EkoŠkolka Vidoule. This innovative preschool combines environmental education about Mother Nature together with Waldorf pedagogy. Located in the immediate vicinity of the protected Vidoule nature reserve, children are allowed to play and simply be kids in the great outdoors, all the while exploring and learning. EkoŠkolka Vidoule is great for any child – what little one wouldn't want to explore outside and learn more about their world in which they live? This unique school blends together the above-mentioned environmental education and Waldorf pedagogy together with arts and crafts – making it a perfect place for children to grow both mentally and physically. Picnics are normal at this school; these regular everyday outings that last for 3 - 3.5 hours not only strengthen immune systems, they also promote physical fitness and good health. It is during these regular everyday outings that children can go on specific “adventures”, during which they can learn important skills and how to work together as a team. It is of interest and an important note to mention that exploring Mother Nature and her laws leads to the development of intellectual abilities. Artistic expression is also very important for children, as it helps them to understand and enhance their emotions and social aspects. At this exciting place for children, they play games, tell each other stories and tales, sing fun songs, etc., all of which are inspired by a specific season. All of the toys are made from natural materials. Children are accepted from the ages of 4 – 7 at this preschool; EkoŠkolka Vidoule prefers an individual approach and likes to work with a small group of children. For further information about this innovative preschool, please have a look at their website listed below.

Naskové 1189, Praha 5, +420 776 684 031, www.ekoskolkavidoule.cz  


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