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The Little Mole – International Preschool of Prague

This private kindergarden and nursery, offering a multicultural environment for children aged 6 months to 6 years, is situated in the city center of Prague, yet in the peaceful haven of the Rieger Gardens. The Little Mole's main goals consist of creating a pleasant & safe place, building up an effective cooperation between parents and staff and being respectful to every culture and its customs. The major part of daily activities in this preschool consists of the Kidsparkz Curriculum, which puts emphasis on education through children's curiosity, interest and motivation. All of the teachers are highly qualified native English speakers. Your children can, therefore, absorb the English language from a very early age. If you choose The Little Mole, you will begin with the very effective adaptation program. Your child will get to know the preschool's atmosphere, the children and the staff – one step at a time. Every child goes through this exceptional program, which takes from 30 minutes to hours and guarantees a smooth start for your child, without any stress or inconvenience. Both the nursery (children aged 3 months to 3 years) and kindergarden (3 years to 6 years) offer a huge amount of various activities, all prepared according to age. Each day begins with Circle Time, a singing activity, followed by breakfast, Kidsparkz Curriculum activities, outside play, lunch, nap & story time, snack and many afternoon pastimes, such as yoga, dance, cooking, art, gymnastics and capoeira. The Little Mole will take care of your children from half past eight in the morning till half past three (the nursery) or five o'clock (the kindergarden).

Riegrovy sady 38, Praha 2, +420 731 723 991,


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