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Situated in a magical villa with a large garden and an abundance of colorful rooms equipped with all the stuff children love is Tučňákov, an extraordinary private kindergarten and nursery. Daycare at Tučňákov is based on a unique program of multisensory stimulation for children. In practice, this means children are led to engage with all their senses, to experience the surrounding world quicker and more thoroughly, improving children's natural curiosity and desire for knowledge. Alongside the innovatively designed curriculum, this lovely kindergarten boasts a wide range of special teaching aids and classrooms with premium equipment. Moreover, children at Tučňákov are divided into tiny groups (consisting of no more than 4 children), one of each with its own teacher. Thanks to that, this daycare center features a warm, welcoming and family atmosphere. The kindergarten's personnel only consist of empathetic and friendly professionals who are educated in the field of pedagogy or psychology and know how to work with children properly. There is also a visiting English lecturer backing the team of in-house teachers, providing the kindergarten with a daily English program, thanks to which the children slowly, yet effectively get familiar with the basics. The daily program, however, includes much more than English lessons – there are plenty of activities and pastimes, all prepared according to age. These include, among others, cooking and baking activities, singing and gardening, practicing language skills, yoga for kids, and even dance basics. Sports and language activities, as well as other parts of the program, are regularly consulted with specialists from relevant fields – child psychologists, speech therapists, nutritionists, etc. Another detail worth mentioning is that at Tučňákov they respect and emphasize traditions and customs, which is why they organize various celebrations, theme workshops, day trips and other events several times a year. Tučňákov also offers the possibility to host your child's birthday party, which includes decor, refreshments and entertainment. Children can attend the Tučňákov kindergarten and nursery three to five times a week all day or during the morning hours only.

Běchovická 24, Praha, +420 775 729 996, www.tucnakov.cz



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