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Traffic Rules Playground | Railway Crossing
Traffic Rules Playground Jilmová | Traffic Circle

Traffic Rules Playground Jilmová

In the traffic rules playground in Prague's Žižkov, children can become traffic participants for a while, have fun and at the same time learn many useful things about safety on the road. From spring until fall the playground is open to the public in the afternoon hours, while in the morning educational programs for school children take place. On Tuesdays parts of the playground are reserved only for inline skaters. Children can rent a bike, scooter or inline skates and helmets and test them in the playground featuring a junction controlled by traffic lights, a railway crossing and a traffic circle. In the premises there is also a sandbox, bathrooms and a refreshment stand. The Traffic Rules Playground is also equipped with a computer laboratory with a projector and programs where children can test their knowledge of safety on roads. Several times a year educational events and competitions are held in the playground in cooperation with the city and state police, emergency medical staff and firefighters. Children under 10 years of age can enter the playground only in the company of an adult, and dogs are not allowed. When it is raining or very wet after rain, the playground is closed for safety reasons.

Jilmová Street - at the edge of the Židovské Pece Park, Praha 3, +420 222 592 061,


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