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Všeználek | Children in Nature
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If your children are curious, enjoy new activities, and like to spend time outdoors then the Prague-based Všeználek club is ideal for them. Zdeňka „Květuška“ Hrubá, a long-time teacher of nature programs for children and adults, and Pavlína Štěpánková, a teacher of nature programs for children and teacher at Semínko ecological kindergarten, regularly set off with Prague children to explore the natural environment in and around Prague and its vicinity, where the kids can discover and explore nature, learn new things, and above all learn to respect and protect the natural environment. While on these outdoor adventures, the teachers sing and play with the children and together everyone enjoys a lot of fun and adventure while learning all the while. The teachers and children from Všeználek set off on their expeditions in any weather, providing for many kinds of learning experiences. In the summer months, Všeználek organizes suburban camps in the vicinity of Prague suitable for children from 3 to 9 years of age, where children set off on adventurous expeditions, observe various flowers and animals, and explore new places including those that are located off of the marked tourist trails. Singing, dancing, cooking, and a heap of other fun learning activities for children around Prague are typical parts of every adventure and camp. In September 2012, Všeználek opened the Všudybýlek organic preschool for children from 3 to 6 years.

zdenka.kvetuska@gmail.com, vseznalkove@gmail.com, www.vseznalek.netstranky.cz


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