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Bobsleigh Track Prague

If you are searching for fun and adrenalin look no further than the Bobsleigh Track! Located a bit off the beaten path in the Prague area of Prosek, the Bobsleigh Track is the perfect place for a fun outing with children and adults alike. The track is 1 km long and features dips, loops and other attractions, it is also possible to ride at night thanks to special track lighting (the night panorama of Prague is gorgeous). This safe attraction can be enjoyed by persons of all ages, children over 8 are able to ride alone, while younger children can accompany adults as each trolley or bobsled features two seats. The speed of the trolley depends on your choice, as it is possible to adjust the speed using the brake lever if you wish to go slower; on the other hand you can reach up to 62km per hour if you feel the need for speed. A lift is located at the bottom of the track to take you back up to the top where you can start all over again or stop and have refreshments, a snack or a full meal at the Restaurant at Bobsleigh Track - Prague, which boasts a terrace overlooking the city. Aside from bobsleigh fun, you will also find a rope course for kids and adults, adding another element of entertainment to be found at Prague 9's already great Bobsleigh Track Prague.

Prosecká 906/34b, Praha 9, +420 284 840 520, Restaurant: +420 284 840 524,


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