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Kreslírna | Art Classes Prague
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Kreslírna | Drawing Classes Prague
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The Kreslírna studio in Prague is here for any child or adult who is interested in improving their drawing and painting skills. You can find it in Letná, just a few steps from Letenské náměstí square and the Letenské sady or Stromovka parks. Kreslírna has several features that make it the ideal studio – charming interiors with plenty of natural light, a team of perceptive experienced instructors, and a goal of maintaining a relaxed, creative atmosphere. Kreslírna’s team of instructors consists of young enthusiastic artists who follow current artistic trends. Regular courses are held in groups of no more than 12 people, allowing the instructor to take an individual approach and make time for each student. The studio offers classes for children, adolescents, and adults. When you register for one of their well thought-out drawing or painting classes, you will learn the basics, various artistic techniques, and have space to experiment with them as well. Kreslírna also offers classes on various techniques, such as oil painting, or “disciplines” like figure drawing and painting. You can also perfect your calligraphy, illustration, or graphics skills. If there is a specific issue or technique you need help with, sign up for an individual class. These take place outside of the regular program and are popular among those who are preparing for talent tests. The studio has two pleasant ateliers suffused in daylight, as well as a partially covered private courtyard that is used not only to create artworks, but also for relaxation. Kreslírna was opened in 2014. When its founders, Andrea and Žaneta, decided to organize their first workshop, they rented a sunny space in Letná. It was so successful that they opened their own studio. Visit it today!

Jana Zajíce 10, Praha 7, +420 776 018 472, +420 776 543 405,


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