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Pididomek Children's Studio

The Pididomek Children's Studio in the center of the capital city is an ideal alternative to standard state and private day cares in Prague. This corporate day care in Prague 1 in the vicinity of Jindřišská Street is designated for children from 1 and a half to 5 years of age and presents a great solution for parents of children who work in the center of Prague. The Pididomek Children's Studio aims to make the return of parents from their parental leave to work easier and fill in the gap on the market caused not only by the lack of nurseries for children under three years of age, but also the lack of available places in state day cares. The start of the studio was possible thanks to a grant from the European Social Fund and that is also why the prices for the day care are so affordable. The Pididomek Children's Studio offers a safe and inspirational environment for your children who are looked after by experienced educators. A daily program involving creativity, play and movement takes care of the proper development of children's skills. Individual activities are divided into theme units and adjusted to children's age. The capacity of Pididomek is 10 to 12 children; children are divided into small groups of five and these are taken care of by one educator. Children can attend the studio every weekday or only twice to four times a week. The Pididomek Children's Studio is located by the National Theater and Slovansky Island.

Pštrossova 1508/35, Praha 1, +420 773 548 534,


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