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Vyšehrad Monsters

Vyšehrad Monsters is a special preschool that focuses on children spending most of their time outdoors, doing what they do best – being curious children. The first preschool and day care of its kind in the capital of Prague, this establishment operates on the basis of a preschool club with an all-day programme in English (with the presence of a native speaker). The main idea behind Vyšehrad Monsters – that children spend their time outdoors learning – is based on the forest preschools that exist here in the Czech Republic. This preschool, however, is modified for the natural environment of the city – meaning the children not only explore the gorgeous park area of Vyšehrad and other green areas in Prague during exciting trips, they also embrace and explore the exciting urban environment of the city of one hundred spires. The methodology used at Vyšehrad Monsters is based on the Framework Education Programme for Preschool Education, which complies with general requirements for subsequent enrollment at any primary school – meaning that your child can prepare for their upcoming primary education all the while gaining priceless knowledge of the amazing physical world around them. The interesting concept of the preschool club is based on their four principles, or as they call it, their four “monsters”: Outdoor Monster (outdoor education, learning outside of a typical classroom in order to create a relationship with Mother Nature and also for better physical endurance), Urban Monster (in order to recognize the pattern of city living; the children learn about architecture, ride public transport, take trips to monuments, and eat out in restaurants), English Monster (all day English programme familiarizes children with English in a playful and natural way; a Czech teacher with excellent English skills is always present alongside a native speaker for language assistance should children need it), Community Monster (the preschool community includes the students, teachers and the parents – communication with all parents is of upmost importance for Vyšehrad Monsters. An individual approach is key, with only 15 children and two teachers). The day care provided at Vyšehrad Monsters follows the same concept of the preschool; children are accepted from 18 months to 3 years (one teacher takes care of 5 children). If you are searching for a preschool or day care center with a difference, Vyšehrad Monsters is a great choice. For further information, please visit their convenient, user-friendly website listed below. 

Na Pankráci 22, Praha 4, +420 607 757 816, www.vysehradmonsters.cz 


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