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If you are planning a pregnancy in the near future, are currently pregnant, or already have small children and are looking for exercise classes for pregnant women, postpartum exercise after childbirth or exercising with children in Prague, A Centrum is the perfect place for you. A Centrum in Prague 8, located near the B and C line metro station of Florenc, offers many classes for pregnant women, women with small children, postpartum exercise classes, and more, in Prague. The center's schedule includes gravidyoga, exercise classes for pregnant women with the assistance of a physiotherapist, rehabilitation exercises for pregnant women, and more. A well-guided exercise routine during pregnancy will help to release muscular tension, help you connect with the individual parts of your body that are most active and effected by your pregnancy, and help to calm your mind, all of which are important for a problem-free childbirth. If you are going to give birth for the first time and want to be ready for this important moment, or if you are looking for a refresher course, we recommend attending the center's prenatal classes where partners are also welcome. You will learn many things related to pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period, as well as baby care and breastfeeding. If you have already given birth to your little one, you may be interested in the postpartum exercises for women after childbirth, dance lessons for mothers with children, and a range of other workout classes. Regular and one-off seminars, lectures and workshops covering various the topics related to pregnancy, womanhood, parenthood, partnership and the like also take place in A Centrum (we recommend checking the updated current studio schedule on its website). A Centrum offers massages for pregnant and non-pregnant women and their partners, provides individual consultancy for pregnant women and parents, and much much more. Make A Centrum your friend and guide through pregnancy and parenthood in Prague! 

Vítkova 10, Praha 8, +420 224 811 190, +420 605 253 345, www.acentrum.eu 

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Address: Vítkova 10, Praha 8

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