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Studio Pro Ženy – Studio for Women –by midwife Magdalena Mikulandová, opened in Prague in 2000. Since that time it has been focusing on preparing pregnant women for childbirth and on subsequent postnatal care and consultancy in the areas of psychology, physiotherapy and gynecology. Nowadays, it also offers many activities for mothers with children, fitness activities, rehabilitation services, and more. Studio Pro Ženy is one of the few facilities of its kind with such a high level of expertise, as its services are provided by midwives, children's pediatric nurses, nutrition nurses, and other qualified instructors. In a reconstructed building in the center of Prague you will find four spacious gyms looking out into a green yard, where you can take part in pilates for pregnant women, belly dancing for pregnant women, yoga for pregnant women, and more. Expectant couples and women can also attend prenatal classes which will prepare them for childbirth and caring for their baby safely. The studio, interestingly, also offers group and individual classes for the partners of pregnant women focusing on preparation for childbirth and baby care and which are also available in English. After your baby has come into the world, you can enroll in any of the classes such as zumba or pilates after childbirth with babysitting, exercising with babies, belly dancing with babies – a fun and interactive concept which allows you to belly dance while holding your baby, sure fun for your little one – and much more. The studio also offers swimming and exercises in the pool for pregnant women and baby swimming classes. However, this is not where the wide range of the studio's services stops – the studio also offers a lactation hotline and the rental of breastfeeding accessories, as well as individual diet programs for overweight women, massages for pregnant women, newborn and baby massages, and the like. If you are looking for a reliable guide and advisor throughout your pregnancy, contact Studio Pro Ženy. Besides central Prague, you will also find studio branches in Říčany and Karlovy Vary. 

Vodičkova 20, 110 00 Praha 1, +420 222 230 794,

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Address: Vodičkova 20, Praha 1,

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