Mama Baby Studio

Mama Baby Studio in Prague 7's Letná primarily focuses on expectant mothers and their partners, as well as women who have problems conceiving, and postpartum women with children. Exercise classes at Mama Baby Studio, founded in 2011 by midwife Eva Smrkovsky, a member of the UNIPA professional organization uniting midwives in the Czech Republic, take place in a pleasant environment. Women who have difficulty conceiving can try the verified exercises according to Ludmila Mojžíšová. Pregnant women living in Prague and its vicinity can attend antenatal or prenatal courses which also include the preparation of future fathers for childbirth and subsequent baby care. If you want to stay fit while pregnant, you will most certainly welcome the range of various types of classes for pregnant women – pregnancy yoga, pilates for pregnant women and pregnancy exercising mix. Two months after childbirth you can continue with your workouts again in Mama-Baby Yoga classes, attend Yoga Play with your baby from 9 months of age, and Yoga for Children over 3 years of age. You will also certainly enjoy the pregnancy and baby massages offered at Mama Baby Studio. The studio staff focuses on taking an individual approach to every pregnant woman and mother, and her unique needs. Mama Baby Studio also offers the services of a midwife during childbirth and expert prenatal and postnatal consultancy. 

U Studánky 32 (vchod z ulice Ovenecká), Praha 7 - Bubeneč, 170 00, +420 604 561 932,

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Address: U Studánky 32, Praha 7

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