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Since 1999, Maternity Care, located in Prague's Pankrác area, has been offering its services to women who are pregnant, in their postnatal period, and beyond. The Maternity Care team consists of midwives, nurses, lactation consultants and fitness and swimming instructors, who accompany women through their pregnancy, period after childbirth and through their maternity. At Maternity Care you can attend exercise classes for pregnant women which will help you better handle the childbirth. Besides relaxation, a part of the class is also practice of correct breathing and effective pushing during childbirth. An ideal type of workout during pregnancy is water aerobics, as its low impact level saves your joints. Prenatal classes for couples will help you learn about the course of pregnancy and prepare you for delivery, the postnatal period, breastfeeding, and baby care. If you still are not sure how to bathe and handle your baby after your return from the maternity hospital, or if you have problems with breastfeeding, Maternity Care offers home visits by experienced midwives and lactation consultants who will give you the right advice and provide psychological support, which is especially important as many women can experience depression in their postnatal weeks. Maternity Care also offers exercises for parents with children and workouts for parents with children in strollers. Babies up to 6 months of age can swim while supervised in the bathtub at home, which an experienced swimming instructor will help you with. Newborns and toddlers can attend swimming classes with Maternity Care instructors either at Aquapalace Praha in Čestlice or in Prague 6. At Maternity Care you can also attend baby massage courses which will bring relaxation to you and your baby and strengthen your child's immune system to help against illnesses, in addition to other benefits. Maternity Care offers also consultations with experts via telephone – more information is available at the center's website, where you will also find select information in English.

Na Pankráci 1062/58, 140 00 Praha 4, +420 775 424 203, 

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Address: Na Pankráci 1062/58, Praha 4

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