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Exercising lessons for pregnant ladies and prenatal classes are offered by the Slunečnice Health and Beauty Club in Old Town to pregnant women from all corners of Prague. Prenatal classes are not held in the form of the sometimes impersonal and always time-consuming multi-week course, but instead Slunečnice Health and Beauty Club welcomes you to come at specified times when a professional birth assistant will be available to talk with you about particular themes, which you can then discuss with her over a comfortable cup of tea. You will be able to learn about when is the correct time to leave home and head for the hospital during your labor, what individual stages of childbirth look and feel like, or what kinds of baby care equipment you will really need. During pregnancy exercising is very beneficial, as it will help you reduce back pain, prevent cramps and swelling of the feet, and improve your overall physical and mental condition, as well as have many other beneficial effects. Oriental belly dancing for pregnant women is ideal for expectant mothers, as it is based on ancient birth rituals and excersizes core abdominal muscles. It also strengthens back muscles and brings relaxation both to you and your baby. You can also attend classes for pregnant mothers focused on strengthening pelvic floor muscles, classes for pregnant women using gym or birthing balls, or pregnancy yoga which is suitable for those who prefer calmer workout. If you are pregnant and already have one child, you can attend classes for pregnant women with children, where both of you will have fun. One specialty of the Slunečnice Club are its classes for grandmothers which introduce new grandmothers-to-be to the new things regarding baby care that are common nowadays. Mothers after childbirth can enjoy workout courses for women in their postnatal weeks designated especially for mothers with babies. When your baby is older, you can take him or her to classes for mothers with children older than six months of age. Special classes originally designed by the famous midwife Ludmila Mojžíšová, and led by the talented staff at Slunečnice, are designed to use specialized excersises to help against infertility, painful periods, and incontinence. Come for a workout and to talk with experienced birth assistants and physiotherapists at the Slunečnice Health and Beauty Club, so that you can feel your best during pregnancy and in the important months following childbirth. 

Maiselova 7, Praha 1, +420 721 215 204, +420 222 232 490,

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Address: Maiselova 7, Praha 1

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