Lázně Pramen

There is no doubt you are aware of the positive effects of adequate wine and beer consumption, but have you ever tried to bathe in one of these miraculous, centuries-old beverages? Beer or wine spa has the power to rejuvenate the whole body and provides, moreover, a truly pleasant, sweet-scented experience. Do not hesitate to visit Lázně Pramen, a lovely Prague establishment, where you can treat yourself to a unique beer or wine procedure and indulge in body and mind relaxation. It is no coincidence that the Czech beer is considered to be the emerald of the Czech Republic and – hops are incredibly rich in essential oils and have soothing, antibacterial effects, malt contains huge amounts of minerals, vitamins and organic acids and Brewer's yeasts excrete a wide spectrum of B vitamin, hydrate and regenerate the upper skin layers. The beer spa in Pramen Spa is prepared according to a time-tested recipe, boasts all the above-mentioned ingredients and has a great impact on acne, psoriasis and cellulite treatment, improves blood circulation and helps with back and joint aches, nervous overload, stress and high blood pressure. You can pour yourself as much of the traditional Czech beer as you like during the beer bath and relax by a fireplace on a specially prepared haystack. The other type of bath prepared by Lázně Pramen the wine bath, which is inspired by French traditions and consists of red wine, wine leaves extracts and grape seeds, wine yeasts, honey, herbal extracts, French lavender blossoms and fragrant oils. As well as the beer spa, the wine bath boasts and array of beneficial, soothing effects. What is more, you can enjoy a bottle of first-class wine during the bath and relax in a stylishly designed, private and comfortable zone afterwards. The offered baths take place in magical wooden bathtubs, all of which are manufactured according to traditional techniques of cooper art, without any use of anchors, adhesives or lacquers, from solid materials that fit the bath mixtures the best. Alongside wine and beer spa, Lázně Pramen offers massage procedures that include sauna, back massage, Lymphatic drainage and more. Thanks to a lovely setting in the middle of the Castle District, within reach of the Prague castle and Letná Park, Lázně Pramen embodies the perfect place where to relax after a long day spent sightseeing.

Dejvická 255/18, Praha 6, +420 728 059 770, www.pivnispa.cz

Address: Dejvická 255/18, Praha 6

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